28 Sep 2004

Solomons Government undertakes a major review of law enforcement agencies

4:08 pm on 28 September 2004

The Solomon Islands government has announced a major review of the country's law enforcement agencies, professionals, and constitutional office holders.

The Minister responsible for the review, Michael Maina, says it will take six months and be run by a nine-member committee headed by the first Governor-General Sir Baddeley Devesi.

Mr Maina says the review will look at the services provided and the pay structures for different sectors.

He says it's hoped the work will lead to more professionals staying in the Solomons.

Mr Maina also says the review is long overdue in terms of law enforcement.

"Police officers and prison officers at the moment live below the poverty line, therefore they are very vulnerable to temptations, including police officers holding on to exhibits and other valuable goods that have been left in their custody while they are doing investigations"

Michael Maina says the country's financial situation has improved so issues arising from the review will be addressed.