8 Oct 2004

American Samoa lunch program defends introduction of fast food for treat

4:35 pm on 8 October 2004

A Coordinator for American Samoa's school lunch program says there's no harm posed by the introduction of fast food to the programme for a one-off treat.

The School Lunch Programme is ordering 19,000 fast food meals from Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's to feed all private and government schools next week.

Faafetai Seumanu, the Nutrition Education Coordinator for the program, describes it as a special treat for the children in honour of National School Lunch Week next week.

Mrs Seumanu says a little bit of fat amid a week of good food will not be a problem for the children's health.

She says there's no indication that the fast food giants are trying to lure young people in to become addicted to their food.

"The intention was for every child in the school lunch program to get a special treat. We didn't think too much about the fat content, but then we were thinking more towards the low income families who cannot afford to have a McDonald's meal and a KFC."

Faafetai Seumanu