11 Oct 2004

Fiji government told more could be done to enhance private sector growth

4:53 pm on 11 October 2004

The Fiji government is being told that more could be done to encourage the development of the private sector.

The Asian Development bank has just released a report into the factors inhibiting private sector growth in the country.

Sirpa Jarvenpaa, the head of the ADB's regional office based in Suva, says the Fiji government is committed to public sector reform and the expansion of the private sector.

But, she says while initial steps have been taken, further actions are required.

"Private sector inducements can be supported by further action in the areas of reducing the cost of doing business - that relates to the cost of telecommunications, cost of electricity, cost of various ingredients that go into business decisions, as well as improvement in access to credit."

Ms Jarvenpaa says the government is considering a new framework for the telecommunications sector.

The ADB's current three year programme in Fiji is focussed on extending roads and roading, the upgrading and expansion of electricity and water supplies, and outer island development.