19 Oct 2004

Fiji's Pacific Theological College begins to celebrate 40 years of operation

8:13 pm on 19 October 2004

The Pacific Theological College, PTC, based in Fiji, is beginning six months of celebrations to mark its 40th anniversary.

About 400 people from across the Pacific region, have passed through the doors of the inter-denominational college over the past four decades, working towards a theology degree and going on to become church leaders in their own countries.

The vice-principal, Kambati Uriam, says this week's debate between their students and University of the South Pacific students on the role of church leaders in politics highlights a growing issue.

"Take the example of Fiji for instance. People are saying there is a lot of connection between religion, particularly the churches and the events of the last few years. And then in Kiribati, the implication was of the bishop involved in the national election of the president. And in other islands in Melanesia, you know, people given offices because of their connection with the church."

The vice-principal of the Pacific Theological College, Kambati Uriam.