22 Oct 2004

Samoan prime minister determined to crack down on public service corruption

3:01 pm on 22 October 2004

The Samoan prime minister, Tuilaepa Sailele, says he is determined to crack down on high-level corruption in the public service.

The chief executive of the Health Ministry has been suspended during a police investigation into the alleged misuse of money there, as well as the customs department and airport authority.

The Samoa Observer newspaper reports Tuilaepa saying the alleged corruption has come to light as checks and balances are installed in the public service as new reforms are put in place.

"A prime ministerial spokesperson, Uale (WAH-lee) Papali'i, says Tuilaepa is committed to wiping out corruption."

He is very determined. He is all for transperancy and to wipe off corruption. He doesn't wait. He doesn't wait for the corruption to go on. Whenever allegations comes up, he's there to see whether it's real or not, and if it's real, he cleans it.

A prime ministerial spokesperson, Uale (WAH-lee) Papali'i.