25 Oct 2004

New legal problems in French Polynesia with two men claiming the presidency

2:41 pm on 25 October 2004

The political crisis in French Polynesia is set to cause a new legal problem as the territory has two men both claiming to be president.

The crisis was triggered by a successful no confidence vote two weeks ago.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"Oscar Temaru's administration has refused to vacate the presidential palace after a majority of MPs elected Gaston Flosse as his successor in a sitting described by the speaker as illegal."

The speaker had initially called for the assembly to meet tomorrow to elect a new president. And, Mr Flosse, while claiming already to be the president, will be a candidate.

The Temaru coalition is now expected to boycott tomorrow's session which means that for want of a quorum, the election will have to be deferred by three days but that delay would go against the provision that the entire election process, after a no confidence vote, has to be completed within two weeks