29 Oct 2004

Former Fiji Prime Minister slams critics of 1997 Constitution

4:05 pm on 29 October 2004

The former Fiji prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says senators who are criticising the 1997 Constitution are lying to cover their own ignorance.

Mr Rabuka - who was one of the architects of the 1997 Constitution - says they should stop trying to mislead the people of the country.

Mr Rabuka says the constitution was developed in accordance with the provisions of the 1990 constitution and the senators cannot point a finger at the legislators of that time and suggest it was illegally done.

"They are lying to cover their own ignorance, they're lying to try and justify their political viewpoints and they're lying to try and feather their own nests and probably create an environment for their reelection in the next house."

Mr Rabuka says there is no reason to call for an inquiry into the constitution as there are provisions within it for its own review.