1 Nov 2004

Sitiveni Rabuka says he will drop politics if he is rejected as Fiji's US Ambassador

7:25 am on 1 November 2004

The former Fiji prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, says he will not pursue a career in politics if he is rejected as ambassador to the United States.

Mr Rabuka - whose nomination by the Fiji government has outraged many - says he expects to hear about the posting after the US presidential elections next week.

The former president of the SVT party, who fronted the 1987 coups, says that he is quietly confident of being successful, but he will opt for the quiet life if not.

"If I don't get the posting I doubt that I will want to actively pursue another career in politics. We all get our turn to perform, if you do not perform you are voted out, and I have been voted out so I might as well concentrate on my own personal and family life."

Mr Rabuka says one of his goals in the future is to become a better person.