2 Nov 2004

Forum agrees to support improvements to Nauru judiciary

5:48 pm on 2 November 2004

The Pacific Islands Forum is prepared to send personnel to Nauru to help improve its judiciary.

The island is gripped by a severe economic crisis and the one week old government has already brought in a tough budget aimed making it live within its means.

Finance Minister David Adeang says many in the new Government are firmly committed to greater transparency and investigating where the island's wealth has gone.

He says he hopes the Forum will assist this process by providing justice department officials and a magistrate.

The Forum secretary general Greg Urwin says they are happy to consider the request.

"We've been in a range of discussions both with Nauru and with possible partners and of course for us its partly a matter of assisting out of the resources we have immediately at our disposal, and partly a matter of mobilising resources from further afield, so as far as these packages or measures are concerned, its a combination of these two things"

Forum secretary general, Greg Urwin.