3 Nov 2004

American Samoa governor calls for people to stop domestic violence

2:50 pm on 3 November 2004

American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono has called on the residents of the territory, including men, to take up the message to stop violence against women and children.

Togiola made the call for American Samoans to take up this responsibility as part of a community rally against domestic violence and other related social problems that are on the rise in the territory.

Togiola was among a number of men particpating in a walk-a-thon against domestic violence co-ordinated by the American Samoa Women's Sports Association.

The aim of the event was to assist in promoting awareness of a growing social problem that has claimed several innocent lives.

Togiola said resolving the problem of domestic violence is everyone's responsibility and urged people to be carriers of the message and not instigators of the problem.

Also involved in the walk-a-thon were four male cabinet mmbers, a judge and a former attorney general.