3 Nov 2004

Sitiveni Rabuka says Fiji will continue to face coups if indigenous Fijians lose dominant political

2:52 pm on 3 November 2004

Fiji's one-time military strongman, Stiveni Rabuka, is warning that the country faces another coup unless its indigenous political parties unite.

The Fiji Sun reports that Mr Rabuka says a united indigenous Fijian party is needed to save Fiji from another coup and to prevent the Labour Party of former prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, from winning easily in elections in two years' time.

Mr Rabuka, the leader, in 1987, of the first two of three coups, in Fiji, says the indigenous people need to unite to maintain the leadership they want.

A complex voting system and racially organised electorates means voting in Fiji tends to be on racial lines, with Indo-Fijians voting for the Fiji Labour party and indigenous Fijians for various indigenous groups.