8 Nov 2004

First group of Fiji soliders to work for UN due to leave tomorrow

7:47 am on 8 November 2004

The first group of Fiji soldiers to work for the United Nations in Iraq will leave tomorrow.

The 24 soldiers, who have received special training, will work as personal protection officers and provide security for senior United Nations officials in Iraq.

The second group of 155 soldiers, known as the guard force, will leave on Wednesday of next week to protect the United Nations mission in Baghdad.

The United Nations is re-establishing its office in Iraq after withdrawing when insurgents attacked their headquarters last year and killed more than 20 people including the head of UN mission, Sergio Vieira de Mello.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people have been besieging the Suva officers of the Kuwait-based Public Warehousing Company to be recruited as drivers, and logistics personnel.

They will be responsible for transporting supplies for United States and other forces fighting in Iraq.