11 Nov 2004

Fears Fiji consumers set for fuel price shocks

9:45 am on 11 November 2004

There's been a sharp increase in the prices of fuel in Fiji from today, leading to fears that that consumers are in for major shocks as it is passed on to other goods and services.

The price of unleaded petrol has risen by 12 Fiji cents to F$1.52 a litre, diesel fuel by 19 cents to F$1.22 a litre, kerosene by 18 cents to 91 cents a litre as well as a 12% rise in the price of cooking gas.

The Fiji Times reports that the increases will trigger off crippling cost increases throughout the economy.

Among the hardest hit are transport operators such as buses, taxis, shipping companies and air services, and those who use kerosene for cooking and lighting.

Some operators say they are bracing for drastic action if they are to survive in business.

The Fiji Electricity Authority says it is already bleeding heavily and there is no alternative to its earlier proposal for a 25% tariff increase.