24 Nov 2004

Labour Minister says Solomons police need to act in Yandina

1:26 pm on 24 November 2004

The Labour Minister in Solomon Islands, Walton Naezon, says police need to help restore law and order in the Russell Islands Plantations.

Hundreds of striking workers have been occupying company facilities since Monday morning and RIPEL managers say they have received threats of bodily harm.

Mr Naezon says the dispute has escalated since it first started earlier this year.

RIPEL has written to police, asking them to take action against the workers after a court ruled the strike illegal.

Mr Naezon says that can be the only way to move forward.

"We have tried everything we can do, there is nothing much we can do. The only situation is to get the police, get the law and order, sort that place out so we can have an environment to sit around and talk again."

Mr Naezon says the National Union of Workers has not controlled its members well which has resulted in the current stand-off.