3 Dec 2004

French Polynesia political leader has occupation warning

4:28 pm on 3 December 2004

A political leader in French Polyensia, Nicole Bouteau, says there is a risk that the continued occupation of public buildings could worsen the crisis.

Those holding on to the buildings are defying all political leaders who want an end to the occupations started in October in support of territory-wide elections.

But Miss Bouteau says it is clear that France won't listen to the people and therefore the only option is to go for partial elections in February.

She says she doesn't think that the occupations will have the desired effect and the only person to profit from instability could be President Gaston Flosse.

"I think that the occupation can degenerate and we don't need such a situation in French Polynesia."

Ms Bouteau says the parties should now prepare for the February by-election for 37 of the 57 seats.

She says as far as she is concerned there is no longer any point in negotiating with France on a possible dissolution of the assembly.