7 Dec 2004

NZ and other countries urged to do more for development partners

7:38 am on 7 December 2004

The executive director of Oxfam New Zealand says basic targets for development in the pacific will not be met without much more commitment from aid donor countries.

Barry Coates says rich countries are not doing nearly enough to provide the neccessary resources they promised to overcome poverty.

Oxfam's just-released report, Paying the Price, finds that countries like New Zealand are failing their development partners in the Pacific and elsewhere.

In 1970, the OECD group agreed to spend point seven of one percent of their incomes on aid but 34 years later few members have reached this target.

Mr Coates says New Zealand, which contributes just point two three )of one percent of its income, has become complacent about the need for aid in the pacific.

"I don't think there's a real understanding within New Zealand that particularly in Melanesia conditions are getting worse for many poor people and some of the statistics about deprivation in these countries show that the levels of poverty are as as bad as any country in sub-Saharan Africa."