15 Dec 2004

Solomon Islands National Council of Women to ask for parliamentary seats for women

11:16 am on 15 December 2004

A strategy is being pursued in Solomon Islands in an attempt to ensure that women are represented in parliament.

The president of the National Council of Women, Sarah Dyer, says they plan to ask the government to set aside a minimum of at least five seats in the 50 member parliament, specifically for women.

She says they're taking action after the sole woman MP at the last election lost her seat and other women candidates were unsuccessful.

Ms Dyer says they're also asking women to stand as candidates in the next provincial and national elections, and at least ten have come forward so far.

"We'll be advising them on how to go out doing campaigning, how to be talking in public, how to stand up when they get faced with all sorts of questions that will be coming from the communities, especially, you know, being women. And, all of them going out and sharing the same message."

Ms Dyer says the council will be making a submission for a minimum number of seats at the upcoming review of the Electoral Act.