14 Dec 2004

Unchecked migration in the Pacific to be discussed by regional officials

9:18 pm on 14 December 2004

Police, immigration and customs bosses from around the region are due to meet to discuss unchecked migration.

Regional police chiefs, the Oceania Customs Organisation and the Pacific Immigration Directors secretariat will meet in Auckland tomorrow.

The secretary of the South Pacific Chiefs of Police, Superintendent Cam Ronald, says co-operation may lead to more successes such as last year's drugs bust in Fiji.

"We've already seen from the police perspective that the issue of border management, including migration, the movement of firearms, the movement of explosives, the movement of drugs - as we've seen in Fiji - these are all matters where we think the three secretariats can have all three organisations work together. So we look to work with the other organisations to improve how we manage the borders."

Superintendent Ronald says the delegates must make sure that the Pacific doesn't become a place where people-smuggling, money-laundering and terrorism can thrive.