27 Dec 2004

Fears over wild dogs in Guam

4:13 pm on 27 December 2004

Concern has been expressed in Guam about the threat to children posed by packs of wild dogs.

A High School teacher, Colette Beausoliel, says she recently watched a pack of dogs maul a large wild pig to death.

She said the incident occured just near a school bus stop.

A volunteer manager at Guam Animals in Need, Christine Pascus, said the island had two types of strays .. those that have had some contact with humans and live largely on rubbish and those that have had very little or no contact with humans and roam the island in packs; living off wildlife.

Ms Pascus said it was hard to say if a feral dog pack would be brave enough to attack a young child.

But she said there was potential for an attack.