7 Jan 2005

Fiji police planning to stop any instability before election

10:21 am on 7 January 2005

The Fiji Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says police have begun planning to ensure that the election by mid 2006 goes smoothly and without interference.

Mr Hughes says a major operational plan for the 2006 election has been commissioned at a regular police board of management meeting.

He says the board, which he chairs, has asked a uniformed operational division to work on the plan.

"It'll be about you know where the threats are, where we need to place our resources, what resources do we need, how should we be confuguirng our 2006 budget bid so that we can ensure we have the right resources here, and basically it's at that strategic level at the moment but it'll get down into the detail and there will be specific operational plans and orders that cascade down into divisional level."

Mr Hughes says having such a plan is responsible policing and should ensure that police are well prepared in the event of any instability leading up to or during the election.