7 Jan 2005

Taiwanese President to skip Marshalls on tour of Pacific allies

10:22 am on 7 January 2005

The Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian will skip the Marshall Islands while visiting all of his other Pacific island allies later this month.

Taiwanese officials have confirmed Mr Chen won't visit the Marshalls on his trip through the Pacific, which will include stops in Palau, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands.

The trip is tentatively scheduled for the 27th of January, running through the first week of February, starting in Palau and ending in the Solomon Islands.

The Taiwan ambassador to the Marshalls, Lien-gene Chen, says the Marshalls President Kessai Note had wanted the visit to go ahead and to be personally in charge of the planning for the visit.

However Mr Note is leaving Majuro this week for two weeks of international meetings in Mauritius and Japan, which won¹t allow him time to do this.