10 Jan 2005

French Polynesia and New Caledonia give to tsunami aid appeal

11:26 am on 10 January 2005

Donations from French Polynesia's civil society in support of the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunamis have reached the 100-thousand US dollar mark.

Les Nouvelles de Tahiti reports since last week, the donation drive has been channelled through the local Red Cross, local service clubs and the Catholic Church.

Earlier this week, New Caledonia's government also earmarked over 100-thousand US dollarsto the Indian Ocean tsunami victims.

The government says the funds will be channelled through the French embassies in Indonesia, in Thailand and in Sri Lanka.

The French territory's government had earlier placed its financial commitment to 22-thousand dollars, but the figure was later revised after the magnitude of the disaster was fully realised.

Meanwhile, the capital Nouméa's municipality has also pledged 10-thousand dollars which it intends to give to the local Indonesian consulate.

Several NGOs in New Caledonia, including the Secours Catholique (Roman Catholic Relief) and the Red Cross say the response from New Caledonia's population has been very good.

The total amount collected to date amounts to around 200-thousand US dollars.