22 Jan 2005

Solomon Islands judge urges public to turn in guns

8:28 am on 22 January 2005

The Solomon Islands' chief justice, Albert Palmer, has asked people to help police in reporting those still holding onto guns illegally.

Chief Justice Palmer was speaking at a ceremony at the High Court in the capital, Honiara, yesterday to mark the start of the legal year.

He says the days are gone when people sat back and tried to hide offenders and criminals.

The chief justice says if Solomon Islanders want development to take place, then they must be active participators in the administration of justice.

He has also launched a Regional Assistance Mission campaign to increase public awareness of the fundamental workings of the criminal justice system.

This will be done through a serious of pidgin radio spots and newspaper cartoons which will explain criminal justice, including topics such as what to expect as a witness and police powers, as well as bail and remand.