22 Jan 2005

Fiji Democratic Party welcomes New Alliance

8:29 am on 22 January 2005

The Fiji Democratic Party has welcomed the formation of the New Alliance Party because it says it's aimed at fostering national unity.

The Daily Post quotes the Democrats leader, Filipe Bole, as saying it strongly supports the new party's objectives as it holds similar views.

Mr Bole says the future of Fiji lies in the unity of its different races, and the development of its material and human resources for the benefit of all the people.

Mr Bole says until now Fiji has been constrained in realising its full potential because many political parties, and their leaders, have had a blinkered view and have placed political survival and personal interest ahead of the national interest.

Mr Bole says the New Alliance has heeded the silent call of the majority of the people for a party which will protect them from the madness of racial politics.

The New Alliance Party is headed by the former chairman of the Great Council of chiefs, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, and is modelled on the original Alliance Party headed by the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, whose government ruled Fiji for the first 17 years after independence.