24 Jan 2005

Centrist party in French Polynesia sets out policy ahead of by-election

6:43 am on 24 January 2005

French Polynesia's Alliance for a New Democracy party has presented its manifesto ahead of next month's by-election in Tahiti and Moorea.

The party list is led by Nicole Bouteau and Philip Schyle, who say they won't back a government led by the Tahoeraa Huiraatira party, of president Gaston Flosse, or the rival UPLD, led by Oscar Temaru.

Ms Bouteau has said that the territory's true problems have been hidden by what she calls the 'sterile' debate between pro- and anti-independence parties.

The party's theme is the sustainable development of the territory's resources in partnership with France and the European Union, promoting just and effective public spending.

Mr Schyle says the political scene is full of aggression.

He says the party is resolutely at the centre and will put forward its own candidate for speaker and president.