26 Jan 2005

Nauru Government is considering the establishment of a permanent constitutional review committee

2:21 pm on 26 January 2005

Nauru's government is calling for public input to a permanent parliamentary standing committee which will tackle ongoing constitutional reviews.

The committee's initial task is a general overhaul of the constitution of the island, where the reformist government is trying to stave off the threat of bankruptcy.

A regional assistance package is still being considered by member countries of the Pacific Islands Forum.

The Nauru health minister, Doctor Kieren Keke, says there are many other priorities for his government, but underpinning politics, is the constitution.

"It's clear that the political instability has led to a lot of the problems that we now see in our economy, and we feel that there is a dire need to review our political structure, our administrative structure, which is governed under the constitution."

Doctor Keke says the review committee will consider whether the island needs a president directly chosen by the people.