26 Jan 2005

Tonga newspaper publisher thrilled that Crown Prince is speaking out over failed media law changes

2:25 pm on 26 January 2005

The publisher of the Taimi O Tonga newspaper, Kalafi Moala, says he is delighted that Tonga's Crown Prince Tupouto'a has revealed that the sacked Police Minister, Clive Edwards, had been waging a personal vendetta against the paper.

Crown Prince Tupouto'a, in a letter to the Matangi Tonga magazine, says Mr Edwards was the driving force behind the attempts to change the constitution.

The Crown Prince said that Mr Edwards had accused him of promoting the controversial Media Operators Act - a claim he says is wholly untrue.

He said Mr Edwards believed himself clever enough to harness the constitution in his personal vendetta against the Taimi and Mr Moala.

Kalafi Moala says they had always known that Clive Edwards had bulldozed the changes through Parliament.

"so we have always known that and I am quite thrilled, in fact, that the Crown Prince or someone from the Royal Family and high up in the Government is able to come up with that."

Prince Tupouto'a said he was opposed to the anti media laws, which effectively imposed a ban on the Taimi.

The laws were thrown out late last year after the Supreme Court ruled they were illegal.