27 Jan 2005

Cutting internet links in American Samoa upsets some government workers

4:25 pm on 27 January 2005

American Samoa's Acting Commissioner of Public Safety Mike Fuiava has cut all but five of the Department's 30 internet links in a move that has made some staff unhappy.

Sources say that DPS needed a computer upgrade and the money saved from reducing the number of internet stations went to install needed software.

But some staff members who had been enjoying online services were unhappy.

The acting commissioner of public safetyalso disconnected about a dozen mobile phones that had not been turned in during the transition from the former commissioner Tuiteleleapaga Peseta Fue.

Before he left DPS, Tuiteleleapaga had asked that all mobile phones be turned in but 13 were still unaccounted for.

Fuiava instructed the phone companies to disconnect the missing phones. Right after the phones were turned off, the mobile phones started trickling back into DPS.