1 Feb 2005

PNG considers what to do with people evacuated from Manam

7:37 pm on 1 February 2005

Papua New Guinea's national disaster centre says the entire population on Manam island has now been evacuated, after the latest eruption of the island's volcano.

A series of eruptions that began in October led to the evacuation of most of its population in December.

The remaining population, up to 1500, were evacuated on Monday after the mountain blasted rocks, some the size of footballs, over the island.

It has claimed the life of one elderly man and several people have injuries from burns.

The national disaster centre director, Colonel Eric Ani, says they are now considering options for the future of the evacuees.

"The idea is now to think on the future of the people and the children. The people for their livelihood for the permanent basis, we have to think along those lines. That maybe they have an alternative home on the mainland. And if they want to go back to the island themself, they can if its safe enough to do so."

PNG's National Disaster Centre director, Colonel Eric Ani.