2 Feb 2005

Bougainville government says pyramid scam operator behind Aropa roadblock

10:40 am on 2 February 2005

A man wanted by Papua New Guinea police for operating pyramid schemes is said to be behind a road block on Bougainville that is frustrating efforts to remove the last of the guns from the province.

Bougainville is to hold its first elections for an autonomous government from May 20th, but there are hopes that around 50 guns in south Bougainville will be destroyed before then.

The President of the People's Congress, Joseph Kabui, says the pyramid scam operator, Noah Musingku, who is hiding in south Bougainville, is encouraging the blockade at Aropa.

Mr Kabui says Noah Musingku has promised to make the people running the road block rich.

"That is why it is not that easy for people to listen to the appeals that we continue to make for the people to just move away and to let the police just go down to Buin and to other parts of south Bougainville."