2 Feb 2005

Solomons police minister wants RAMSI re-assessed

1:27 pm on 2 February 2005

The Solomon Islands police minister, Michael Maina, says the Australia-led mission to the country has serious failings and needs to be reassessed.

Mr Maina made the comment in parliament while acknowledging the mission's value to the Solomons, especially in law and order.

But he said the mission was going backwards and needed to improve its participation with Solomon Island agencies.

Mr Maina says they need to sit back with their friends and rediscuss the intervention.

He has also said the Solomons government has further extended the contract of the current Police Commissioner, Briton Bill Morrell, until such time as the government has advertised and selected someone for the position.

In December, the Solomons government turned down an Australian government offer to provide and pay for a new police commissioner.