2 Feb 2005

Solomon Island MP apologises for his Malaitan constituents

8:22 pm on 2 February 2005

The North Malaita MP, Daniel Enele Kwanairara has apologised in the Solomon Islands Parliament for atrocities some of his constituents may have committed in the ethnic uprising and the lawlessness that followed.

He apologised before he spoke on the debate on the review of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

Mr Kwanairara says he and his people are deeply sorry for the past happenings and sincerely request forgiveness and pardon.

But he adds what had happened is history and his people are now taking part in positive economic development programs.

Meanwhile, Mr Kwanairara says his people applaud the great efforts put in by RAMSI in restoring law and order which result in people being able to move around freely in his area.