8 Feb 2005

Re-run of French Polynesian election with same supervision

4:41 pm on 8 February 2005

The French high commission in Papeete says there will no changes to the way the elections will be run when voters go to the polls on February the 13th to elect 37 members to the French Polynesian assembly.

The by-election was called after the French supreme court annulled the results of last May's general elections on Tahiti and Moorea because of serious irregularities.

The high commission says the supervision of the election will be the same, with assessors present at polling stations.

France rejected an offer by the Pacific Islands Forum to send election monitors.

Meanwhile, a small party, Te Avei'a, has called on the French state to react to the unprecedented tension in the lead-up to the polls.

Its president, Antonio Perez, says there have beenmisunderstandings and scuffles while children are being involved in the campaign.

Mr Perez also calls on the French state to act because apolitical associations allegedly join the campaign to bypass the law limiting party spending.

The high commission says the number of security personnel has been unchanged since last October when mobile police were flown in.