11 Feb 2005

Samoa's new dialysis unit loses its medical specialist

4:14 pm on 11 February 2005

A Samoan doctor, Belladonna Potoi, who had been expected to head the country's new Renal Dialysis Unit, won't be returning to Samoa after getting specialised training in New Zealand.

The Samoan Cabinet has given approval for a replacement consultant to be hired for the unit which is scheduled to be opened next month.

Dr Potoi is to take up a hospital job in Auckland.

The Opposition is blaming her non return on the Government for allowing poor pay and working conditions to continue at the national hospital.

Opposition leader Le Mamea Ropati says the loss of skilled surgeons cannot be tolerated.

He has also called for the Minister of Health, Mulitalo Siafausa Vui, to resign after the national hospital's stand-by generator broke down leaving it without power overnight.