14 Feb 2005

American Samoa prepares for anti-terrorism exercise

4:41 am on 14 February 2005

A full-scale anti-terrorism exercise is set for February 15th and 16th in American Samoa.

The exercise is to be attended by officials of US law enforcement agencies and government officials from Guam, the Northern Marianas, Samoa and Tonga.

The Territorial Office of Homeland Security in Pago Pago says threat-based exercises play what it describes as a vital role in American Samoa's capability and capacity to prevent, respond to, and recover from potential acts of terrorism.

All of American Samoa's government agencies will have the opportunity to exercise their response plans, their incident command and control protocols.

They will also be able gauge their success at interacting with other agencies.

There'll also be a focus on the coordination of local and federal response capabilities.

This exercise will include a cross-border component, which will involve an immigration trace.