15 Feb 2005

Japan to provide an advisor to the PNG national planning ministry

3:50 pm on 15 February 2005

A strategic financial advisor from Japan is to be placed in Papua New Guinea's national planning ministry.

The position is being funded by the Japanese Bank of International Co-operation, or J-BIC.

Our correspondent in Port Moresby says the placement is significant because any projects being considered by the ministry will now be more acceptable to Tokyo because of the advice from Japan.

Peter Niesi has more:

"If Papua New Guinea managed to pull off this Itochu Corporation concept of buying into the PNG gas pipeline through the PNG stake in that, then there's strong possibilities that J BIC would be involved in a whole range of other projects and one of those areas in which there are already strong movements towards an approval is the Port Moresby sewerage project that is going to run together with the Port Moresby water supply project."

PNG correspondent, Peter Niesi, reporting from Tokyo.