16 Feb 2005

French Polynesian's ADN doesnt want to take sides

8:45 pm on 16 February 2005

French Polynesia's Alliance for A New Democracy, or ADN, has re-affirmed its pre-election commitment not to side with any of the two rival parties.

But it says it may join a no confidence move against President Gaston Flosse.

His Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party and Oscar Temaru's Union For Democracy are lobbying for additional members to have a majority in the assembly after last weekend's Tahiti by-election.

WZ reports.

"Philip Schyle of the ADN says he will stay in the middle as promised. He told local radio that he accepted the election result but declined to commit himself on how he would vote in any possible presidential election. A Tahoeraa spokesman says it's now up the ADN to choose between autonomy and independence. The spokesman says it has made no direct approach to any member apart from making an appeal for a broad partnership. He added that Mr Temaru has singled out some Tahoeraa members in a bid to get them to defect. For the time being, the deadlock continues. In Papeete, I'm Walter Zweifel"