16 Feb 2005

Olaf expected to hit American Samoa in 12 to 24 hours

8:45 pm on 16 February 2005

Forecasters in American Samoa say that on its current track, Tropical Cyclone Olaf is expected to hit the eastern most group of islands, Manu'a, sometime tomorrow morning ."

Metreologist Mase Akapo Akapo says that in the last twelve hours an upper level system has developed between the two cyclones, Olaf and Nancy, forcing Olaf to stay about 100 miles north of Savai'i.

But he says as the low moves slightly to the east, Olaf should continue in a southeastern path

"And if it continues on that track it will put it to about 60 miles northeast of Tutuila sometime tonight probably after midnight, maybe even two or three o'clock in the morning. So we do expect the closest point of approach to the Tutuila islands later tonight and then it should continue to track southeastward and if that track maintains then Manu'a will receive devastating winds from Hurricane Olaf.

American Samoa Metreologist Mase Akapo Akapo