18 Feb 2005

No deaths or injuries reported after Cyclone Olaf hits Manu'a in American Samoa

11:30 am on 18 February 2005

The Emergency Operation Centre in American Samoa says no deaths or major injuries have been reported in Manu'a in the wake of Cyclone Olaf passing by.

The Centre's assistant public information officer, Jeff Barsa says storm conditions have greatly subsided on the islands of Manu'a, the worst-hit part of the territory.

He says individuals there survived the storm relatively well...

"There was some building damage but it's not been assessed yet as survey teams have been unable to reach the islands. We're trying to coordinate now with the Federal Emergency Management Agency transportation by air to get to the islands. There is coordination taking place between crews on the Manu'a Islands and individuals here from the airport authorities to ensure runways are clear of debris before aircraft actually fly in there."