19 Feb 2005

Flosse voted out in French Polynesia

11:47 am on 19 February 2005

The government of French Polynesia, led by Gaston Flosse, has been ousted in a no-confidence vote.

Thirty of the 57 assembly members voted for the motion brought by the Union for Democracy following last weekend's Tahiti by-election.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"Mr Flosse left the Assembly before the vote was taken, but in the debate he warned that they would be voting out a competent administration that ensured strong economic growth for the past 14 years. Earlier, the Union for Democracy leader, Oscar Temaru, said the people want change and his support would have been greater had there been a general election. Mr Flosse's last minute bid to form a government of national unity was rebuffed, with Philip Schyle saying that can only be led by a President whose legitimacy is not in doubt. Mr Flosse will remain as caretaker until a new President is elected at the end of the month. He will also remain a member of the Assembly and a member of the Frenjch Senate, but his career at the top in French Polynesia may well have been sealed with today's vote. At the French Polynesian Assembly in Papeete, I'm Walter Zweifel."