22 Feb 2005

More regional training in the offing in draft Pacific Plan

1:42 pm on 22 February 2005

If the draft report on the Pacific Plan for closer co-operation is taken up there may be more region wide vocational training facilities.

A taskforce has completed the draft on the Plan and it is being made available for member countries to seek domestic views on the proposals.

Already the region is training police through a facility in Fiji and plans have been mooted to do the same with judiciary staff.

Secretary general, Greg Urwin, says there are other areas where gains could be made, such as merging the maritime training colleges of countries such as Kiribati, Samoa, Tuvalu and Fiji.


"We want to look at ways of doing that regionally. That will create the kinds of efficiencies we are after. That will help island countries in their own circumstances. We think there might be applications in areas such as nursing, perhaps in a wider civil service training."