23 Feb 2005

Niue election countdown - Opposition MP says Government must curb overspending

2:33 pm on 23 February 2005

A Niue opposition MP, Terry Coe, who will stand again in the general election on April 30th, says it's vital the government curbs unnecessary spending.

He says ministers spend enormous amounts of money travelling to conferences overseas.

Mr Coe says that money could be better spent to benefit projects in Niue.

"We need to curb that travel and concentrate on what needs to be fixed up, and there's still a lot to be done in Niue, like the roads are in a poor state, the clean up after the cyclone as the rubbish is still here.17"

Mr Coe is also critical of government spending on new housing following the devastation caused by Cyclone Heta.

He says the houses are over priced, badly designed and the construction is sub-standard.