1 Mar 2005

Solomons Police Commissioner says many investigations still underway after ethnic tensions

2:12 pm on 1 March 2005

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, William Morrell, says there is still a lot of work to be done to investigate allegations made after the ethnic tensions.

He was speaking after the two prominent lawyers associated with the militia group, the Malaita Eagle Force, were charged with allegedly taking money from compensation paid to Malaita province.

Andrew Nori and Leslie Kwaiga were both bailed after appearing in court yesterday.

The charges followed inquiries by the Corruption Targetting Taskforce, a joint operation between local police and the Regional Assistance Mission.

Mr Morrell says such investigations show that no-one is above the law:

"In this particular instance, one of my police officers has been arrested this morning and is being interviewed in relation to this money Mr Nori and Mr Kwaiga have been charged with."

Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, William Morrell.