8 Mar 2005

Concern about environment behind pursuit of renewable energy in Pacific

6:57 pm on 8 March 2005

Advocates of renewable energy at an international workshop in the Marshall Islands say environmental concerns are a key factor behind the pursuit of alternative energy systems.

The two-week regional workshop began in Majuro yesterday, with some of the world's leading energy companies participating.

The workshop, which is sponsored by the E-7 Group of electric utilities including top power companies from the G-7 nations, is focussing on the northern Pacific before a second workshop for South Pacific power companies in April.

One of the delegates, Makoto Suto, of the Kansai Electric Power Company in Japan, says Pacific countries are aware that reducing oil consumption is good for reducing climate change...

"I think it is very natural for them to be very keen about introducing renewable energies because they are the first ones to have the effects of climate change as the result of global warming - they will have sea level rise which will endanger their lives."

Makoto Suto, an E-7 steering committee member.