29 Mar 2005

Greater employment opportunities for Marshall Island fishermen after certification

7:17 am on 29 March 2005

The Marshall Islands Fisheries and Nautical Training Centre hopes international shipping companies registered in the country will soon start to employ local seamen.

Marshall Islands seamen are set to enjoy increased enmployment opportunities abroad now that the FNTC has been internationally certified.

The principal of the FNTC, Captain Larry Muller, says the certification opens the door to employment opportunities because the training received by graduates will be recognised worldwide by international shipping companies.

The Marshall Islands has the eighth largest ship registry in the world and Mr Muller says he hopes some arrangement will be made whereby Marshallese seamen are employed on ships registered there.

"There's a lot of ships that are flying the Marshall Islands flag, and that would be a blessing for the country to have so many trained people getting employment on these ships because it would contribute to the economy of the country. so I hope that some kind of requirement would be established on the ships that are registered in the Marshall Islands."