30 Mar 2005

State of Emergency still in place in Pukapuka in northern Cook Islands

10:23 am on 30 March 2005

A state of emergency remains in place for Pukapuka and Nassau, in the northern Cook Islands.

However, the Cook Islands News reports that this status will be reviewed at a committee meeting today when the latest situation report is received from Pukapuka after the arrival of a shipment of relief supplies yesterday morning.

Yesterday, Pukapuka islanders packed the waterfront to off-load much-needed relief supplies from the MV Manu Nui.

There's been no rain on the island since cyclone Percy hit the island on February 27th, but a French-donated desalination plant that was among the supplies unloaded yesterday is expected to alleviate the water shortage for the 600 islanders.

About three to four families continue to share one roof on the island. and the local primary school remains closed due to the damaged building with asbestos scattered on the ground.