31 Mar 2005

Reports say Fiji women in kava drinking sessions, homes neglected

6:57 pm on 31 March 2005

A study in Fiji shows that more and more women are taking part in long kava drinking session resulting in the neglect of their families.

Radio Legend reports that the study has found that the time and energy of these women has been channelled away from their role in the family, food preparation and breast feeding.

The Fiji Food and Nutrition Centre survey says this could be a reason why more families are replacing traditional root crops with noodles and bread, which are faster and easier to prepare.

The survey says the additional cost of kava drinking leads to cheaper and easier food options, resulting in an increase in non-communicable diseases.

It says heavier demands for cash to pay for kava leads to families to sell fresh fish and other seafood in the market and buy fatty mutton flaps and canned meat for their meals.

The survey says many food gardens are neglected due to the adverse physical conditions and lethargy felt by heavy kava drinkers.