4 Apr 2005

Solomon Islands High Court judge calls for more funding for judiciary

8:09 pm on 4 April 2005

A High Court judge in Solomon Islands says more funding is required to bring the judicial system to a more effective and efficient level.

Justice Sekove Naqiolevu, who was appointed last week, has already called for the judiciary to become more independent from the executive arm of government by allowing it to manage its own funding.

And, he says there is also the need for more money for the judicial system, especially in the provinces.

"You certainly require a lot more to assist. You travel the provinces and see some of the court structures; some of them need total refurbishment or even new buildings. There is a lack of facilities in some of the provinces because justice is important not only that it be seen in Honiara but certainly in the provinces where the majority of the Solomon Islanders live."

Justice Naqiolevu would not put a figure on the amount required but says it would be substantial.