5 Apr 2005

Fiji government threatens retaliation over Vanuatu biscuit ban

6:30 pm on 5 April 2005

The Fiji government has threatened to take retaliatory action against Vanuatu if it does not lift its second ban on Fiji made biscuits.

Radio Legend reports that the minister for external relations and foreign trade, Kaliopate Tavola, is seeking an explanation from Vanuatu authorities for breaching the Melanesian Spearhead Group's free-trade agreement.

Mr Tavola says the Fiji government "will take necessary action in accordance with the provisions of that agreement."

He says the Vanuatu government is obliged to respond to Fiji's concerns within 14 days, failing which it will face retaliatory action.

It's the second such ban Vanuatu has placed on Fiji made biscuits, the earlier one being lifted under the threat of a ban on Fiji's import of Vanuatu kava.