12 Apr 2005

Fiji's National Council of Women says public needs to help out with hospital basics

4:02 pm on 12 April 2005

Fiji's National Council of Women says the health service must be run as a partnership between government and communities.

Recent reports have highlighted poor maintenance of hospitals in outlying areas and a shortage of resources and staff throughout the country.

The Council's Secretary, Mavis Toganivalu-Clerke, says instead of attacking government over the issue, practical steps are needed to improve the situation.

She says a new scheme to support hospitals has been launched in Suva which has started by fundraising to provide supplies for one ward.

"The basic important needs with bed linen and there's towels, cutlery, and crockery, there's adult diapers, thermometers, and stuff like that and bed pans, that is needed. They are just short of those equipment."

Ms Toganivalu-Clerke says the scheme has been started at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva, but it's hoped to spread the idea to other areas throughout the year.